Wednesday, March 13, 2013

everyone is so near

I'm trying to get into this blogging thing mainly to force myself to be creative. I guess I'll mainly be posting photos I take/collect like the rest of the blogging world. Basically, I'm Ayler and I'm a sixteen year old girl from New Zealand. I guess that's it to be honest. 

For Christmas I got my first film camera (Canon EOS 300), and finally got my first roll developed. It was very old, black and white film and I was just using the kit lens it came with, so most of the images aren't as sharp as I would have hoped, but that's life. 

Well there ya have a small selection to feast your eyes on. 



  1. These pictures are really lovely, I especially love the last one. I've been looking for a cheap second hand film camera to use too, hope I find one soon haha x

    1. Thanks! You can find heaps of good condition cameras online (irl shops tend to be more expensive haha), and they often come with heaps of extras :)